Anonymous asked:
Hi! Olga, I not only suffer with Vaginal Dryness - -but, I have vaginal atrophy which make intercourse inpossible. I am 69 and seem to have loss any desire for sex. My husband is 72 and is still going strong - -my disintrest causes many arguments - - -please help. Thank you for any suggestions.

Hi:  Just to let you know that you are not alone.  I have many conversations with women who suffer from dryness and atrophy.  Vaginal Renewal Complex helps to restore the suppleness of the vaginal walls which shrinks when there is little to no estrogen to help keep it moist and plump.  When that happens, vaginal atrophy can occur.  Once the vagina starts to get moist again, sexual intercourse will become easier, but like anything else it is a process to start to stretch those muscles that have contracted over the years. (please read my latest blog from a user that was unable to have sex with her husband for several years and how VRC has helped her).   Also as we lose estrogen our libido changes too.  Dr. Greene game me some testosteron  gel, as she mentioned on her radio show and that also helped make me feel more better. These changes that we experience are hard and debilitating, but I truly believe as VRC has helped me and so many others it can help you too.  The best part about Vaginal Renewal Complex is that it is made with natural oils. That was my mission.

I wish you the best.  If you would like to speak with me personally, I can always be reached through our 800 number 564-2160.

Warm regards Olga

Anonymous asked:
How long does it take to work

All of our bodies are different.  I have users that tells me it works almost immediately (maybe after 2 or 3 applications) and others it takes a little longer. But remember, this is a program and needs to be used on a regular basis.  After several years of using Vaginal Renewal Complex, I only insert it about twice to three times a week. I originally started with using VRC 5 times a week.

Anonymous asked:
I'm experiencing dryness and itching as a result of breastfeeding, which is making intercourse uncomfortable. I dislike the cold gel lubrication options we've tried to this point. My daughter is 15 weeks old, but I'm not planning on ending our breastfeeding relationship for at least the first year - would this product be appropriate for someone in my situation?

Dr. Greene did a usage study with 30 of her patients, two of them were in their 30’s and breastfeeding.  They definitely had a positive response to our product.  

I, too hate the cold lubricating gels we were forced to use to eliminate the dryness during sex.  Because Vaginal Renewal Complex is made with natural oils, it can only help. Even though VRC is meant as a regiment to be used several times a week, to help strengthen  the vaginal wall and bring back moisture, I tell many of our users, just pop one up prior to having intercourse, it is very soothing for both partners. It is also inserted directly into the vagina, so there is no mess like those gels and does not disturb the “moment”. 

We also have a Vaginal Wash with sponge, a soap-less cleanser that is mild and helps with the itchiness and dryness. We offer that as a free gift with your first purchase.,

So I would defiantly say, yes it is appropriate for your condition.


Anonymous asked:
Dear Olga, I am 58 years old and have vaginal issues with extreme dryness. I had radiation in that area 5 years ago and I think that has compounded my problem. Actually ever since that time intercouse is way too painful. My dr. wants me to try Entrace but I'm worried about the hormones. My husband heard about your product on the radio. Do you think it will help me? Everytime I do use something, Replens etc., it burns so I'm a little worried about your product. Please advise. Thank you!

Hi: I felt your question needed to be answered by Dr. Greene, so I forwarded your problem to her and this is her response.

Radiation therapy literally destroys normal tissue so it is dry and stiff.  There is no elasticity in the tissue and the blood supply is diminished. This leaves the tissue constantly irritated and it also burns.  However, all the ingredients in Vaginal Renewal Complex are made with natural oils and is not harmful.  You would have to try it and see how it  works for you.

Inner Intimates does have a vaginal wash, which is very soothing and sensitive, made with tea tree oil and Evening primrose oil so you can’t go wrong.

Another important thing you can do to improve the elasticity of the vaginal walls is to invest in vaginal dilators.  These are graded sized cones that slowly stretch the tissue and increase the diameter of the vault.  This will improve the sexual experience with your partner.

So Dr. Greene is suggesting three ideas that will enhance and improve your overall experience.

1) Inner Intimates vaginal wash

2) Vaginal Renewal Complex-A good suggestion for lubrication and to renew the walls of the vagina.

3) Vaginal Dilators. You can ask your Gynecologist about them or check on line.

I hope this helps answer your questions. Good luck.

Anonymous asked:
Can I still take my Hrt once a week with the complex?

That’s a really good question and one that is very commonly asked. Because all our ingredients are made with natural oils, it most certainly can be used along with your hormones.

Anonymous asked:
Since I had my hysterectomy I have had to use a personal lubricant when I have sex due to dryness. If I use your product will my vagina be "wet" enough not to have to use the lube anymore?

I always hated having to use those wet, cold lubricants when having sex.  Our program is a regiment that helps restore the vaginal moisture we lose after menopause or surgeries. By using it regularly, per the instructions it will work. However, I do have some women that feel they need additional help and they use Vaginal Renewal Complex every day. What ever works for you is fine. It cannot hurt you as the product is made with natural ingredients. I also recommend inserted an applicator prior to having intercourse.  It is far more comfortable for you and your partner.   I do not use any other lube any more.   Good luck. 

Anonymous asked:
I just received my first order and would like to know how often I am to insert it. I see there are 20 applications and it should be a months supply so it can't be every day. I hope this is the answer I have been looking for to end the painful intercourse.

I recommend inserting VRC 5 times a week.  That is why we included 20 applicators, for a one months supply.  Remember, however, because it is made with natural ingredients, it cannot hurt to use it as much or as little as you wish.  Our bodies are all different and responds differently.  This is a program or a regiment to help restore the moisture we lose, so be consistant with your usage.  Also I have recommended to many of our users, if you feel you need extra lubrication with intercourse, pop one up prior to having sex.  It is soothing not only for you, but for your partner as well. There was nothing I hated more than those cold, wet, gels that we were forced to use when having intercourse.  wet gels, vaginal dryness could certainly ruin the moment.

Good luck, and should you have any further questions please let me know.  But remember, the change can be subtle, like moisturizing your outer body, you are doing the same for your inner body.

Anonymous asked:
Will there be any "leaking" after I insert the product. How is it best applied?

That’s a very good question and one that is frequently asked. Vaginal Renewal Complex absorbs directly into the vaginal wall and you should not experience any leakage.  I have tried many products that do leak because they are water based and water does not absorb. What does, happen after a time, is your natural discharge that we lose with vaginal dryness comes back.

I use VRC after I shower in the morning.  You place the tip into your vaginal (just like a tampon) and plunge. It’s that simple.

Anonymous asked:
Is there a oder when I use this, or will my vaginal area smell the same as it once did?

There is no alarming oder to Vaginal Renewal Complex.It does have a slight oily aroma because we do not put any fragrance, which could prove irritating. But remember, it is placed directly into the vagina, and is absorbed. I personally have been using VRC for over 3 years and find no such problems. 

Anonymous asked:
If my wife starts using this product can I still perform oral sex with her?

That is a very common question. I say absolutely. Vaginal Renewal Complex is a complex of four natural oils, and is not harmful.